A downloadable game for Windows

This project uses Roystans Super Character Controller as the foundation for movement and physics. With further modification it is meant to eventually form the basis for an advanced Unity 5 3D platforming framework; art and sound assets excluded of course.

*This playable demo is a concept meant to showcase what is possible only, and no further development of it is planned.

*No violation of 3rd party intellectual property is intended.

*No decompiled dissemination of 3rd party intellectual property will take place.

*The art and sound assets used in this concept will never be included in any development kits or asset packs that may arise from this project.

*This demo has not been optimized for performance and numerous glitches exist, as the framework is incomplete.

Published Apr 05, 2017
AuthorNID Technology

Install instructions

  1. Download default Concept version (high end systems) or no grass shader version (low end systems).
  2. Unzip.
  3. Run Mario 128

Minimum requirements for default concept version at 720p: GTX 1060 / RX 480.

720p is recommended for default concept version unless you have very high end hardware. Analog Controller is highly recommended.


Mario 128_Concept.zip 62 MB
Mario 128_No Grass.zip 64 MB

Development log


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nintendo would wanna take this down if they knew about it, continuing with updates should not matter they would take it down anyway and for a thing like making the game run better on not so power computers, i can't see anything wrong with that. i seen a lot of copies of the SMHD and this is probably the only one that's a good one so good job.

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Give the no grass version a try.

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just tried it. quit flooding my computer with the mario gaming series i love, then again i am the one downloading fan made games. you done a good job with these. :P the ultra HD is what the no grass is of SMHD and the one with grass, it's the same thing only with really nice added grass. the one without the grass has less lag for not so powerful computers but, i would say that no grass version is what i believe what SMHD would look like with ultra HD. like i said that added grass is really nice.

It's a Ultra HD remake of Super Mario 64 (Super Mario 4K), My PC (Windows 7) going very slow, because it isn't so powerful that it works for me optimally.

Could you put a graphics quality selector for less powerful PC's?

I may release an optimized version with different settings later, as I work on the framework. But the goal isn't to continue with this build (it contains mario galaxy assets-nintendo will destroy me), it will be something entirely different and original. Short answer: No.

Ah Ok, you can't for reasons of Copyright (DMCA), it will happen like the ones I found in 2016:

No Mario's Sky: https://asmb.itch.io/no-marios-sky

Other games: https://itch.io/takedowns/71240

But at least you could leave me a link from google drive or mega, that will not give you so sudden claim, well, it doesn't matter.

Try the no grass version.